Genuine 12 Strider Graphic Options

Want to make your Strider stand out from the rest?

Here you can create a custom decal for your Strider bike. Choose from many different colors, logos, and even add your name and number to your design.


Stock Graphic Kit

Full graphics kit include the following decals:

Down tube decal

Fork Decals

Swing arm decals

neck decal

Front & Rear wheel decals

Front number plate decal (Plastic number plate sold separately)


Wheel Stripes

These unique graphics will set your wheels apart from the competition. Add your name and number to give it a personalized look, or just change the colors and design to make them stand out.


Number Plate Graphic

Do you need a number Plate for your next Strider race?  Well Look no further

Customizable number plate includes:



Design of your choice

Color Choices


Fully Custom Graphics Kit

Fully customized graphics kit. Any design you can image we will create.

The same as a stock graphics kit... EXCEPT you get to choose the design, and not select from a pre made stock kit.